The 2016 NationaL Book festival 

Washington, D.C. | September 24, 2016

I've just signed on to attend this year's National Book Fest as a featured author. If you're around, say hi!

Starred review for LISTEN TO ME from Library journal 

Library Journal| March 1, 2016

"The story of a fraught road trip undertaken by a couple whose marriage is under stress, Pittard's glistening new novel (after Reunion) only seems to be in miniature. In fact, it opens up to show not just the depth and potential shattering points of all close relationships but also how danger—and, yes, evil—lurk at the outskirts of our lives, threatening to upend us unexpectedly. College professor Mark and his wife, Maggie, a veterinarian, are traveling from Chicago to his family's East Coast home because Mark senses they need a break; after a mugging, Maggie has become brooding and suspicious, not the woman Mark married. They leave late, with Maggie intent on giving their dog, Gerome, a good walk beforehand, and they're mostly bickering or silent as evening and tornado-grade storms approach. As Mark wrestles with thoughts of a former student and Maggie zigzags between tenderness and paranoia, a blackout descends, and they go off the beaten path to seek a place to stay. At a dark hotel, they find a bed and some real closeness, but tragedy erupts in a moment, leaving their future tentative if tentatively hopeful. VERDICT Pitch-perfect in language and ominous in mood, Pittard's narrative telescopes enormous emotion and insight into a brief, compelling read." —Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

the yokshop writers conference: visiting faculty 

Oxford, MS | May 19-21 2016

I'm part of this summer's crop of kick-ass faculty at The Yokshop Writers Conference. The deadline to register is May 15. Join us!

buzzbooks 2016: spring/summer preview 

Literary Hub | January 2016

Sarah Weinman writes, "Today, in Buzz Books 2016: Spring/Summer, you’ll be able to read excerpts from many of these titles (noted with an asterisk). We hope you’ll use this list as a handy guide of what’s upcoming in the book world over the next six months... Look out, too, for emerging voices such as Booker-shortlisted Sunjeev Sanhota, Marie NDaiye, Hannah Pittard, Ramona Ausubel, and Elizabeth Poliner (featured image above is a cover detail from Joy Williams’s Ninety-Nine Stories of God)." See the full list here

The millions' most anticipated: the great 2016 book preview 

The Millions | January 2016

Edan Lepucki, bestselling author of CALIFORNIA, has this to say about LISTEN TO ME: Winner of the Amanda Davis Award from McSweeney’s and author of the novels Reunion and The Fates Will Find Their Way, Pittard now brings us the story of a young married couple, Mark and Maggie, on a road trip gone wrong. Maggie’s recently been robbed at gun point, and by the time they stop for the night at an out-of-the-way inn (without power), the two aren’t even speaking to one another. Frederick Barthelme calls it “a positively Hitchcockian misadventure” and the jacket copy dubs it a “modern Gothic.” Check out the other excellent novels coming out this year, too. 


Order it now...

I'm thrilled to be part of this super cool collection of 24 stories. Check it out...

Literary death match

Louisville, KY | November 14

I'm headed to Louisville's Haymarket Whiskey Bar to throw my hat in the ring of a Literary Death Match. Come watch me choke on my own words! Learn more...

deal of the day

PublishersMarketplace | September 9

Front page of the new york times 

New York Times | May 4 

A miniature nod from the New York Times about Rhapsody, United Airline's first-class literary journal. I have an essay in the June issue. Read more...

Reading with michael Pitre and katy simpson smith 

University of New Orleans | March 5 

In New Orleans? Come to the reading in room 140 of the Liberal Arts Building on the Lakefront Campus, 5:30-7:30pm.

scott simon interview 

NPR | February 2011

Here's a link to my interview with Scott Simon. It turns four this month! Read more...

New american canon 

The Believer | February 2015

Check out The Believer for my contributions to the ongoing, alphabetical survey of writers on "the contemporary canon." Read more...

New essay: 'YOu're (not) my favorite' 

The Millions | January 2015

Favorites either being them or having them were out. Favorites were for suckers. Read more...

a new interview 

Washington Independent Review of Books | January 2015

"The hackneyed answer: The heart wants what the heart wants." Read more...

O, the oprah magazine

O | February 2015

Check out the February issue of O. I'm a "cultural tastemaker"!

Reunion makes The long, long list for the 2015 Tournament of books

The Morning News | December 2014

"In early January, we're going to release the short list and judges for The Morning News 2015 Tournament of Books."  Read more...

chicago tribune: the biblioracle's biblio awards

Chicago Tribune | December 2014

REUNION: Runner-up: "Book I Won't Shut Up About"

The millions: A year in reading 2014

The Millions | December 15, 2014

This spring, in Chicago, Powell’s Book Store closed its Lincoln Avenue location. Read more...

THE Kentucky Womens Writers conference!

Lexington, Kentucy | September 11-12, 2015

I've signed on to be a featured presenter at next year's conference. Read more...

The yokshop writers conference!

Oxford, Mississippi | May 2015

I've been invited to teach at next year's Yokshop. Read more... two-sentence thanksgiving fiction | November 2014

New stories from Mona Simpson, Megan Abbott, Lydia Millet, Rebecca Makkai, me, and more. Read more...

OtherPpl: Interview with Brad Listi 

OTHERPPL: Episode 329

Brad Listi & I riff on everything from heaven to boarding school. Listen now...

BuzzFeed: 5 Great Books to Read in November

BuzzFeed Books | November 2014

"This book will swallow you up whole." Read more... 

Washington Independent Review of Books

Bok Review | October 2014

"Ultimately, REUNION sings because it succeeds on two fronts: The book is deeply character driven, and it holds a fascinating subplot in every chapter. I read this book in one day simply because I couldn't set it down. If Hannah Pittard's REUNION was meant as an intelligent and full-bodied conclusion to the exquisite vacuum left by John Cheever's 'Reunion,' she has succeeded." Read more... 

BuzzFeed: The Writer you won't be able to stop talking about

BuzzFeed Books | October 2014

"[S]he acknowledges most things... with charming self-deprecation." Read more... 

Entertainment Weekly: Books of Fall

EW | October 2014

"It's an indelible portrait of a family, messy and raw." Read more...

People Magazine: The Best New Books

People | October 2014

"A family drama you won't want to put down." 

The Harvard Crimson: A Realistic and Raw 'Reunion'

The Crimson | October 7, 2014

"The premise of Hannah Pittard’s novel “Reunion” seems quite unremarkable at first glance: three siblings are brought together by their father’s suicide, and family drama ensues. In reality, the book is far more complex than one would expect." Read more...

Atlanta Journal Constitution: hypocrisy runs in the family

AJC | October 11, 2014

"Readers can’t help but pity the luckless narrator whose crummy travel day devolves into a public spectacle of grief." Read more...

BookPage: Revisiting the past to make a brighter present

BookPage | October 7, 2014

"REUNION is a novel of death and life and family. It's about the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive, and what happens when those narratives break down and we're forced to grapple with real life and real people." Read more...

Bloggers Recommend

Bloggers Recommend | October 2014

"REUNION is a celebration of atonement and life's second chances. Hannah Pittard's empathetic storytelling and pitch perfect tone create an insightful and satisfying read."

Chicago Tribune: Editor's choice

Chicago Tribune | October 2014

"[The] opening scene sets the tone for Hannah Pittard's wry, emotionally insightful second novel, REUNION. Like her debut, THE FATES WILL FIND THEIR WAY in 2011, this one's success resides in her gifts for narration." Read more...

Bustle Magazine: October's 10 Best Books

Chicago Tribune | October 2014

"[The] narrative voice -- raw, comic, no-bullshit -- is what makes this novel shine." Read more...


Elle Canada | October 2014

"That this tale of an epic downward spiral... end[s] on a hopeful note is a testament to the humor and empathy of this very readable family drama." (Go buy the issue!)

Good Housekeeping: 4 Hot New Novels

Good Housekeeping | October 2014

"Kate hasn't seen her philandering father in years, but she flies back to Atlanta for a family gathering after he dies... Emotions run high as she learns to forgive, if not forget." Read more...

Glamour:  5 things I'm loving this month

Glamour Magazine | October 2014

"This novel about a down-on-her-luck girl will make your family seem less insane..." (Go buy the issue!)

LibraryReads: REUNION makes the October list of TOP TEN BOOKS

LibraryReads | October 2014

"Unfolding like a saga, [REUNION] packs a punch."

TimeOut Chicago: The 2014 fall book preview: the 15 top novels we need to read 

TimeOut Chicago | Aug 20, 2014

"The second book by Pittard, the author of 2011's excellent The Fates Will Find Their Way, REUNION follows a failed screenwriter to an unexpected family reunion (with her unconventional family) after her estranged father dies." Read more...

The Millions: Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2014 Book Preview

The Millions | July 7, 2014

REUNION is "a nuanced and intriguing study of family and love, money and debt, failure and success, starring one of the most likable flawed narrators to come along in some time." Read more...

Who to Read Next: Local Author Hannah Pittard

Gapers Block  |  Sept 24, 2013

"It was like swimming with a whale shark."

This is how Hannah Pittard describes learning that her first novel, THE FATES WILL FIND THEIR WAY, (Ecco, 2011) was being published. Sounds dangerous, but Pittard is a dangerously talented writer. Read more...

An Interview with Hannah Pittard

Devils Lake  |   March 16, 2012

"Your debut novel, The Fates Will Find Their Way, came out about a year ago from Ecco and is about a teenage girl named Nora Lindell who mysteriously disappears on Halloween. I'm really interested in this archetype of the girl who goes missing—it seems to be showing up more and more in our culture." Read more…

Finding her fate

The University of Chicago Magazine  |  Jan/Feb 2012

"As a high-school student at Deerfield Academy, a Massachusetts boarding school, Hannah Pittard, AB’01, racked up awards for creative writing. After coming to UChicago, Pittard focused on literary criticism, but the impulse to write fiction remained." Read more…

The Fates Will Find Their Way

O Magazine  |  February 2011

"A 16-year-old named Nora goes missing from her tight-knit community one Halloween night and is never seen or heard from again. Though the premise sounds familiar, Hannah Pittard's mesmerizing debut, The Fates Will Find Their Way (Ecco), is no police procedural." Read more…

Book review: 'The Fates Will Find Their Way' by Hannah Pittard

The Washington Post  |  January 25, 2011

"This year is off to a great start for new novelists - and readers willing to sample unfamiliar names. Hannah Pittard's "The Fates Will Find Their Way" is the third impressive debut I've read in January (and I've got another for next week and the week after that). These books are a reassuring indication that new voices can still catch the attention of big publishing houses, despite what you may hear from aggrieved self-published authors." Read more…

Hannah Pittard: The Interview

Powells  |  January 10, 2011

"We are seriously smitten with Hannah Pittard.

Her debut novel, The Fates Will Find Their Way, is an eerie, perfectly pitched recounting of adolescence that skillfully captures the blurred line between the tangible and the imagined. The story is told from the collective perspective of a group of neighborhood boys who obsess over their missing 16-year-old classmate, Nora Lindell." Read more…

The Short List of Things to Do

Time Magazine  |  Week of January 31

A guide to what you should see and what you should skip — and what you won't be able to avoid

"In Hannah Pittard's debut novel, a dreamlike cross betweenThe Virgin Suicides and The Lovely Bones, an alluring teenager vanishes on Halloween, leaving the adolescent boys who worshipped her bereft and forever imagining her possible lives and deaths." Read more...